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High Atlas Mountain

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Indoor Pool, Dior Institute
Es Saadi Palace

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Horse Race
Anfa Golf Course Casablanca

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Sir Richard Branson soars from Morocco on one of his venturesome balloon trips. Sir Winston Churchill sought peace from his arduous duties relaxing on his favourite balcony with brush and easel in the fabled La Mamounia hotel in Marrakesh, painting the snow clad peaks of the High Atlas, a view he considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Bernhard Langer, the late Seve Ballasteros and Billy Casper are just a few of the host of world-class golfers who have competed in the country’s annual golf tournaments where one of the more striking trophies is a beautiful jewelled dagger.

Close to the one thousand-year-old ramparts of Marrakesh broad new roads resonate to the roar of the Moroccan Grand Prix. On the Atlantic coast, in Agadir, a citadel built in 1540 overlooks the new city below, western in style, attracting the largest number of tourists in Morocco.

With its magnificent hotels and night clubs, seven miles of sun-drenched beaches and an amazing array of adrenaline-enhancing water sports, from jet-skiing to parachute parasailing, kayaking, and deep sea fishing, to horse riding on Barbary steeds, it rivals and even outstrips European rivieras. Why the preamble? If you are about to be a first-time visitor, or have been here before and want to explore further, I feel it important to stress just how astonishingly varied this country is, in customs, dress, terrain of super green valleys, epic-scale mountains, fascinating nature reserves teeming with wildlife, aircraft, donkeys, camels and mules, the great Sahara desert, ancient cities with French-style annexes complete with boulevards, roadside cafes and elegant restaurants with the cuisine of your choice. Yet just a few miles on are historic hilltop mud-walled kasbahs or fortified villages. It all has a certain time-warp quality as one seems occasionally to wander out of a futuristic Star Wars environment to that of the Arabian Nights.

Depending on your interest, skill and enthusiasm, you might want to approach the Atlas mountains in terms of climbing, in which case there are either expert Berber or European mountaineers acting as guides.

On the other hand you can enjoy the majestic scenery from a lower viewpoint allowing you the enchanting experience of avenues of multi-coloured mountain flowers leading to a tranquil sojourn, sipping refreshing mint tea in the aromatic, leafy glade of a Berber village. With such a melange of striking scenery, people, music, activities, festivals and, always something intriguing over the horizon, it is vital that an all-round specialist agency such as ourselves should make available details acquired regularly with our fairly unique grand reviews of developments in even the most remote areas.

We are happy to consider exactly what kind of holiday you seek and put you right on target, and if you are drawn to different vistas and activities once you fall under Morocco’s magic spell, you can call on our up-to-date guidance to make such a change as effortless as possible. As a travel agent and writer who has worked in many lands in North and South America and Europe and appreciated them all, on return, I never failed to be impressed by the grandeur and romance of my homeland which somehow manages the miracle of seamlessly living in the past, present and the future.

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About Marrakesh Express Travel

About Us

Marrakesh Express Travel LTD is a specialist tour operator that has over the years been active in every region of Morocco and in the process has gained unparalleled practical knowledge of travel, culture and everyday life.


Morocco, The Golden Kingdom

The Golden Kingdom

Why Morocco? Ask anyone who has been there and they will tell you “Seek and you will find.” An initial sense of disbelief, swiftly followed by real pleasure is the frequent response of the newcomer to this surprising country.


African Gold

African Gold

For centuries the Berber caravans, now using camels, would take two months to cross the Sahara to meet traders in West Africa. The most precious item they found on offer turned out to be gold dust.


Sir Winston Churchill and USA President Roosevelt at the Casablanca Conference - January 1943

Famous Friends Of Morocco

For years, the attractions of Morocco were a well-kept secret of a few adventurers and eventually artists, writers, film stars and world statesmen including Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Sir Winston Churchill.


Fantasia Performance

A Fierce And Glorious Past

The tradition of the famed Numidian cavalry known throughout the classical world, Berber knights with long split robe, strong sword, and several javelins survives today in the Fantasia


Morocco, A Sporting paradise

A Sporting Paradise

Modern Morocco caters for a diverse range of sports, notably King Golf. Other sports and pastimes include canoeing, mountain biking, hang-gliding, canyoning, rock climbing, para-jumping, ballooning, flying, trekking, horse riding, skiing and scuba diving.



Besides enjoying the many fascinating destinations, you can always relax and sample the magic of sitting in the cool of a palm tree grove surrounded by perfumed roses, listening to the cool trickle of a fountain, surrounded by birdsong while before you the yellow dunes and the black and red rocks of the great Sahara beckon.  Or, sample the same contentment in a green leafy glade amid vibrant flowers, sipping exquisite mint tea in a Berber village, below the snow line, in the High Atlas. Valley, mountain, desert, coast or plain, you will find the same style, grace and beauty acquired over the centuries, echoes of that splendid old Moorish empire in Spain, still alive in the customs, manners and warmth in the hearts of your Moroccan hosts.